Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Mormon Fortune Telling

Sister Crystal Ann Busenbark, by the authority given me as an ordained patriarch in the Orem Suncrest Stake of Zion, I give you a special blessing.

You are already blessed to have received the Gospel, to have been baptized and make the covenants of baptism that you will always remember our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , and that you will attempt to keep yourself worthy, free from sin, that you will repent of the errors that you make so that you may hold fast to the guidance of the Plan of Salvation and stand spotless before the Lord.

I bless you with health and strength of mind and body. You realize Crystal, that your body is in your own care now that you have decided to leave your parents home. Planning meals, cleaning and sanitizing the home, and all other practical worldly chores are now your responsibility. These things affect how you live, how healthy you become or stay and how well you protect this body as the tabernacle of your spirit.

I bless you that you will enjoy the beauties of the world around you, and that you will share and create for your family, particularly your husband, art, music, and any other efforts to show the greatness of God's creations.

I bless that you will be protected from violence of any kind, that you will be able to communicate with your husband and children your desires, your wishes, and the principles that you know are true by which all of us should be worthy of. That you will live, and endure to the end.

Crystal, you, like your husband, are from the lineage of Ephraim. Together with your husband study this great heritage. Promises made to Abraham come to you through this lineage and through your husbands priesthood. They are promises that will be yours as long as you merit them, as long as you are worthy of them. Live so that you will merit them and so that you can pass them on to your own descendants.

Crystal, the world is full of evil things. Many of these things are associated with our public media and they are not worthy of any of us, and they offer great temptations which can be very alluring. I bless you that you will be protected from them through your prayers, through your faith, and through the support of your husband and his priesthood.

I bless you that the pursuit which you are following of your own ancestors will be successful so that you may offer them and others whom you may choose to serve vicariously the blessing of baptism into the one true church so that they may have the worldly ordinances completed and accept them on the other side of the veil.

You are very young and life has been short. I bless you that it will be long in mortal terms, though at best it is short in eternal terms. I bless you that when the times comes you will be worthy to go to the temple and seal your marriage into an eternal contract in which you will look to your husband and your husband will look to the lord, and the promises made to those who are worthy to be sealed, may be yours through your worthiness so that at the end of this mortal probation you will be able to return to the presence of your Father in Heaven, and he will say to you, "Well done my good and faithful daughter. Enter into my rest, into my Celestial Kingdom on the morning of the first resurrection". These blessings , with those unspoken that you faithfully desire and seek, I bless you with in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Dean Burton Farnsworth , Patriarch
Orem Suncrest Stake
January 2nd, 2000


[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

Wow, aren't you so glad Jesus wants you to clean the house and cook for all eternity?!


I should post mine.

[kɹeɪ̯ɡ̊] said...

OK, I just posted mine. Yay to breaking Mormon rules of holiness!

Dawson said...

Huh... although I know that ever since the day you received it you have had serious issues with your patriarchal blessing I must say that only reading it now do I fully understand how you could have felt so hurt and insulted... I am so sorry, thank you for taking the time to post it here.

M. Olson said...