Thursday, November 17, 2011


Jung, Mozart, Plath, Monet, Rumi. They have all taught me what it mean to be human.

Self expression, a sacred communion with the infinite. A way of revealing the world to itself. No one lives in the world that I live in, no one sees a tree as I see a tree. No one feels pain as I feel pain.

I will show you my word, a window into the reality that I alone reside in.

Flowers, leaves, clouds, snowflakes. They have all taught me self expression. The ability to merge seamlessly, the lone tree with the vast forest.

Writing, painting, photography, I will share my world with you, I will hold the mirror of self discovery.

I see the individual drops of water that create the unstoppable ocean. I become a part of something greater than myself and yet I know it was never whole without me.

Dance, sing, create. Share your soul with me.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Cave

Fake images.
False realities.
Prisoners of our own minds.

The need to destroy those who don't see the world as we do, who don't buy into the same delusions as ourselves. I am my beliefs, my culture, my religion, to reject my "isms" is to reject me. Those who deny the world as I know know it are my enemies, they threaten the very core of who I believe myself to be.

This is a tree. I have named it, labeled it, conquered it, built my world around it. If you say otherwise, I have lost a piece of reality, I have lost a piece of myself. And if that's not a tree, if that's not a truth, if I was wrong about that all along, what else could I be wrong about? In what world do I live in? Who am I?

I am a human being. I spend my life trying to stay the tides, suspend time, hold others in place, cheat death. I am the center of my own universe, reality flows from my roots. I have the truth, I am the truth. I will kill and destroy anything I don't understand, anything I can't control, anything that threatens reality as I know it to be. I am the blessed one, chosen by the God I have created.

I will not stop until I have secured my world, made it unmovable, indestructible. I will label it, file it away, put it in a box, claim it, control it, defeat it, make it a part of me. For without it, who am I?