Thursday, November 17, 2011


Jung, Mozart, Plath, Monet, Rumi. They have all taught me what it mean to be human.

Self expression, a sacred communion with the infinite. A way of revealing the world to itself. No one lives in the world that I live in, no one sees a tree as I see a tree. No one feels pain as I feel pain.

I will show you my word, a window into the reality that I alone reside in.

Flowers, leaves, clouds, snowflakes. They have all taught me self expression. The ability to merge seamlessly, the lone tree with the vast forest.

Writing, painting, photography, I will share my world with you, I will hold the mirror of self discovery.

I see the individual drops of water that create the unstoppable ocean. I become a part of something greater than myself and yet I know it was never whole without me.

Dance, sing, create. Share your soul with me.