Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm high and I'm happy and I'm free.
I have my whole heart
laid out right in front of me.
And I finally can see
the way it's always been,
the need for peace
starts from within.

So I leave my possessions to the wind,
and I'm done with ever wanting anything.
Well I can die satisfied,
no desires do I hide.
Not today, not today,
nor for the next one thousand lives.

I'm scared of ever being born again.
If it's in this form again.
I want to know how, why, where, when and then,
I want to see you be the bright night sky.
I want to see you come back as the light.


Jorgen said...

They're fuckin' unreal, I love them. I love seahorses, and seashells. I love seashell things. Like little bags, and towels...

Seahorses, foreva!

Paige said...

I love seahorses, and I love this song.

Have you seen the video I posted a while ago of the seahorse giving birth? It's so unreal. I love it.

Derek said...

WE KNOW. Right?

Brittany said...

hahaha yaaaay. Seahorses foreva!

Crystal said...

I agree Jorgen, the only thing better than seashells are seahorses. They're quite possibly the most amazing creatures on earth, them and the sisterwives!

Paige, that video changed my life! It made me want to be reborn as a seahorse.

Derek, I KNOW, RIGHT! This song is now the anthem of my life.

Brittany, seahorses foreva! It's a thing!