Saturday, October 23, 2010

You Pin Both The Wings On Us

Say no more, use your eyes
The world goes and flutters by...

I see the walls and see them fall
You break through them all
I see you crawl, now you stand tall
Grow and grow till tall

In storm we scream against the stream, our eyes watering
Jump into lakes, the surface breaks
We swim underwater, and our mouths - In tune

I see forest, a treasure chest full of labyrinth
I see a door, holes in the floor
We'll breed seeds - We grow

We all want to grow with the seeds we will sow
We all want to go with the trees we will grow
We all want to know when we're all meant to go
To a place you and I - Will call home

There's songs, songs you bring to us
You pin both wings on us
I hear it, I see you sing for us
You go tie a string around us

We all grow, use your life,
The world goes and flutters by.