Sunday, May 6, 2012

Presence of Self

I Write Another Phrase Of My Forgotten And Renewed 
Thoughts. I wonder And I Dream About Thing That Could
Have Been, But Turn Away On The Forgotten And Look
Towards The Future And Hope That I Will Find Settlement
There. But As I Am Further More Disappointed I Force My
Self To Look  Away As many Do And Few Don't. I Settle 
For The Cool Beating Of My Heart And Collapse Against
My Own Self Existence. For I Am In The Very Presence
Of My Self And It Is Now And It Is Amazing. I Renew,
Renew, And Renew My Awareness Of Being One With All
And Being All In One. The Excitement, The Anticipation,
The Pain, The Pleasure, The Thrill Of Being Alive And Living
Each Second Of A Renewed