Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shadows On The Wall

I Dreamed A Million Dreams
 And Never Looked Back
I Sleep Walked Through The Drama
Tried To Bury The Trauma 
But Now I Visit The Girl 
The One That  Lived The Life That I Once Knew

She Sits Under A tree
Barely Resembling Me
A Shadow Of Things Unseen.

  I Pass The Burned  Bridges
 Walls That Have Tumbled Down.
  Past The Nightmares That Scream The Silence
 And The Silence That Screams The Dreams

 The Truth Awakens.
The Cave Opens.
   Awareness Makes An Appearance. 

  Shadows On The Wall
Pictures Shatter
Lies Fall

From The Rubble Sprouts the Truth
Old And Forgotten
Reborn From The Ashes   
Saved From Destruction

Waves Wash Over Me
Mountains Crumble Before Me
She is Me
And I Am Her