Sunday, May 23, 2010


I asked the moon,
to tell me the secret,
behind her luminous light.

She told me she shone,
for her verboten lover,
the sun of noonday bright.

I asked the stars,
to share the joy,
of lighting the moonlit sky.

They recounted to me,
the story of time,
and endless years gone by.

I asked the sky,
to show me his dreams,
of the world that lay below.

He spoke of the movements,
of texture and color,
of existences continuous flow.

I asked the night,
to show me the mystery,
behind his blackened veil.

He uttered the secrets,
that humanity keeps,
the entire inscrutable tale.

I asked the wind,
what drives the passion,
that enlivens her to breathe.

She whispered of unions,
infinite threads of existence,
the lives that interweave.

I ask myself,
who I am,
and what I will become.

I am the joyous enigma,
the paradoxical lover,
the passionate dreamer,
of songs yet unsung...