Friday, May 21, 2010

The Sacred Prostitute

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love, beauty, sex appeal and fertility. She was born from the foam of the sea. When Cronos emasculated his father, Uranus, the blood drops that fell into the sea generated the goddess. The Zephyr gently blew and pushed her to the shore of the island of Cyprus, where she was received and dressed by the Graces, then taken to Mount Olympus. She is the embodiment of both her father's cynicism and his phallic sexual imperative. Aphrodite represents the uniting of feminine and masculine energies through sexual union.

Aphrodite’s origins pre-date the ancient Greeks. She is said to be older than Time. An even more ancient deity exhibiting more aspects than love and beauty, she can also be recognized as Astarte or Ishtar. Her origins were Babylonian and Sumerian. Her domain embraced all the natural world, animal and human. She is a multi-faceted goddess, her powers were associated with fertility and growth, harvesting of crops, birth, life, love, death and fate. She was also worshiped as the sacred ‘prostitute’.

The breath of the west wind bore her
Over the sounding sea,
Up from the delicate foam,
To wave ringed Cyprus, her isle.
And the Hours golden-wreathed
Welcomed her joyously.
They clad her in raiment immortal,
and brought her to the gods.
Wonder seized them all as the saw
Violet-crowned Cytherea."

She is the pure erotic impulse, libido, imagination, fertility and fruitfulness. She can manifest as artistic and aesthetic inspiration and the desire to give birth to something remarkable. She is associated with nakedness, courtship and lovemaking. By personifying a transcendent image of the seduction of mortals by a goddess, Aphrodite mediates feelings of immortality to the human from the divine.This is the oceanic experience of timelessness in orgasm.

She joins nature and culture by using love as an art form. Her well practiced skills are continually complemented by her attitudes, sentiments, and moral values. She promotes a lifestyle which declares boldly that we should take our fill of love, where and with whomever we desire. On a very practical level, Aphrodite is embodied in aphrodisiacs and their effects. Aphrodite is an enchanting sexual fantasy. Her allurement is nearly universal.

Hail Aphrodite
Maiden born of the Sea
She Who Shines Brightly
Ever Luminous Morning Star
Radiant Goddess of Feminine Beauty
Mistress of the Maiden's Sensual Allure
Eternal Venus of Beauty & Grace
Dancer in the Light, of every Woman's Eye
The Maiden Who lives within Mother & Crone
Feminine Sensuality Eternally Re-born in Woman

There are pleasures and dangers in her enchanting attentions. Aphrodite inspires a compelling, subjective state. Euripides called love the "breathes of Aphrodite." She seeks intimacy and touching of the most private aspects of our lives. Aphrodite was said to be as beautiful as sunlight on the sea and wherever she stepped, flowers sprang up and the air smelled as sweet as spring. she was a creature who craved loved and passion and thus she spent all of her extra time flirting and making love. She is attracted to creative men and engages with them as their

She possesses the type of allure and beauty which produced classic romances, the Queen of Sheba, Delilah, Cleopatra, and Helen of Troy embodied many of Aphrodite's qualities. She brings life's mystery with her, and mortals can never possess her fully. She appeals to men through reflecting on their personal anima, using seduction, flattery and inspiration. She awakens a man's perception of latent talents. She embodies the dual capacity to delight and lead astray. She can awaken not only desire, but also resignation and despair. She appeals to him consciously and subconsciously. She can be a physical, intellectual, or spiritual companion simultaneously.

With little or no regard for the future, her perception of time is discontinuous as is those under her influence, her lovers feel "suspended in time." Therefore, each moment must be experienced anew, irrespective of past commitments or consequences. Duration is not valued as highly as the experience. Importance is attached to the intensity of sensations and gratification. The sense of search and urgency for freedom compel Aphrodite to new affairs. She's a free spirit, at all times spontaneously realizing her whims.

Aphrodite not only engenders, but enlarges life. She possessed an empathetic and sympathetic relation or connection with others. She experiences the world through the same portal as the person she communes with, allowing her to understand the way that they make sense of reality. She is the Erotica and the fantasy lover of any whose imagination she stimulates.